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Micro Airoma® Fragrance Aerosol Refills 100ml

Freshness through fragrance and technology.

Vectair Systems have announced the launch of three new fragrances across their Micro Airoma® Air Freshener refill range for EMEA regions. This adds to the extensive range of unique scents already available to EMEA customers. Apple Orchard, Citrus Mango and Summer Fruits are available to purchase immediately among the Fruits collection of Micro Airoma® refills.

The Micro Airoma® fragrances available from Vectair offer real impact options to match all preferences and provide a modern twist on today’s scent scene.

There are four intriguing ranges of scents to browse through from; Airoma® Therapy & Spa, Classics, Fruits and Oriental styles of elegant scents to enhance interior environments.

All Micro Airoma® fragrances are complex, unique and long lasting. The refills are suitable for use in the Micro Airoma® Odour Control Dispenser and fit perfectly into other competing micro aerosol air freshener dispensers.

The ordering codes for the three new fragrances are; BAERO-41(Apple Orchard), BAERO-43 (Citrus Mango) and BAERO-44 (Summer Fruits).

All Micro Airoma® aerosol refills for EMEA regions are fully compliant with European aerosol legislation and are effective in room sizes up to 200m³ (approx.). Each fragrance refill has a spray capacity of 3000 through a 100ml can. There are currently over 15 refills to choose from in the Micro Airoma® scent collection providing customers with an excellent choice in finding the right smell to combat odours. 

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