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Vibe Dispenser



VIBE® is an ideal aircare system for washrooms and toilet areas in sports arenas, hotels, offices and many more. Ultra flexible programming options provide the facility with the ability to control start and end times as well as providing a weekend on/off function. Remove the need for multiple aerosol dispensers and consumables in the washroom, and watch just one VIBE® fragrance washrooms for up to 90 days.


Your guests deserve the best. VIBE® can be the aircare solution to enhance environments and help create a relaxed setting for your hotel visitors, safe in the knowledge you have provided the right atmosphere with uplifting fragrances. If you need a versatile aircare system that allows for consistent fragrance delivery to give your hotel just the right feeling, then VIBE® will work for you.

Offices & Meeting Rooms

VIBE® allows for efficient fragrance delivery and the opportunity to enhance employee work attitudes by providing uplifting, reinvigorating scents to your workforce. A pleasant smell that lasts, and one that can be controlled to only spray when needed can provide the perfect work setting. So by improving fragrance performance, VIBE® could also mean a more productive working environment.

Reception Areas & Lounge Areas

While visitors wait in your facility, it's important that they gain a good first impression, always. VIBE® can help to provide this by welcoming visitors with superior fragrance delivery that provides the right setting and ambience. What's more, VIBE® fragrances are VOC exempt, containing no solvents or propellants and HFC free meaning your guest is safe, while you're facility is safely recognized as a nice smelling place to visit.

Gyms, Spas & Health Clubs

Create the perfect ambience to work out in and feel reinvigorated with VIBE®. The pure fragrance formulation and micro droplets allow for gyms, spas and health clubs to be refreshed with an aircare system that delivers lighter particles, that hang around for longer, but are 'fitness friendly'. So boost fitness interiors with refreshing and uplifting scents such as cool mint or a clean, cucumber melon fragrance.





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