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Cool Mint

“Fresh & energizing”

A blend of wild mint and a hint of herbal jasmine fuse to create a fresh, energizing fragrance with clean, crisp notes.

Cucumber Melon

“Delicate & rejuvenating”

A delicate crush of cucumber with a calming melon creates a rejuvenating spa-like scent.

Citrus Mango

“Stimulates your senses”

A luscious fragrance bursting with tropical citrus and mango fruits to stimulate your senses.

Apple Orchard

“Rich and indulgent”

A spicy rich, indulgent aroma with hints of cinnamon, apple and velvety vanilla

Ocean Spray

“Brings the outdoors in”

A wave of soapy, cool marine musk mixed with a floral blend creates a fresh, clean fragrance that brings the outdoors in.