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Vibe Technology

Aircare. Redefined.

Vibrating Mesh Technology from Vectair Systems, is redefining the world of aircare, in fact, you might never look at an aircare system in the same way again. VIBE® and VIBE® PLUS are the next generation of aircare dispensers.

A Closer Look

‘VMT’ is more efficient than having a vibrating piezoelectric element at the bottom or top of the reservoir. A shorter aircare coverage time is achieved – using less of the refill than in a piezo version.

Vibrating Mesh Technology

A mesh/membrane, with 2,000 laser drilled holes, vibrates at the bottom of a reservoir, and thereby pressures out a mist of very fine droplets through the holes.

Problem solved. No wicks. No liquid bottles.

VIBE® and VIBE® PLUS do not rely on a wick to dispense the liquid fragrance from a bottle. Our systems deliver pure fragrance oil in a precise dose from a reservoir. This is unique in aircare and a patented system not available from any other manufacturer.

Vibrating Mesh Technology does not suffer from airborne particles of dust or pollutants; does not dry out; does not rely on a surface meniscus and is not affected by heat or humidity

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